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The art in Brett Reif’s show at Studios Inc. easily triggers reality-based associations. For instance, one piece — a curvy, white-tiled piece spread across about five feet of the gallery’s floor — looks a lot like spilled milk.



Artist draws on experiences with Hurricane Katrina, forces of water for Chalmers Hall art gallery


Taking basic, ordinary materials and transforming them into mysterious, playful works of art, Brett Reif has created works to be featured in the opening show for the semester in the Art & Design Gallery. 


A group exhibit now on view in the Studios Inc. exhibition space showcases new works by the group’s current beneficiaries.



Brett Reif, too, has flooded the gallery with fluid artwork. He now works and lives in Kansas City, but like Evangeline, has roots in New Orleans. He states that he mixes “forms of art and life with emotional and ideological premises that culminate in artifacts that seem to find solace in concrete irreverence.” 


Let me say this: Brett Reif is not just a Kansas City-based artist specializing in non-traditional wall work, sculpture and installation, as one might discern from a quick perusal of his biography. He’s a veritable modern-day artistic philosopher, wielding wisdom as he welds and shapes his characteristically evocative work.

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